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Build Smart

It seems like today's family just can't get enough room.  Add that to the fact that the modern family is increasingly centered around the kitchen, and it becomes understandable why kitchen additions are so popular.  However, bigger is not always better.  You want to spend your money wisely.  This client's story fits that description to a…
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Wet Bar Rendition

How much do you entertain?  If you often have people over for social occasions, having a wet bar is a great idea.  If designed right, it can be a beautiful place to store drinks, cold or otherwise.  Having a place for your guest to gather can also keep them out of the cook's way.
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Roof and Trellis Hybrid

Ever feel like your deck gets too much sun?  Not enough sun? Retrofitting an existing deck with weather/sun protection can be a big challenge, especially with competing roof lines.  A hybrid roof like this project allows light to be filtered on one side, while the other side offers weather protection when needed.
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Mudroom Efficiency

Mudrooms are quickly be coming one of the most requested projects.  They make a great "drop zone" for at your entry through the garage or rear door.  Big spaces are great, but if designed effectively, you can fit what you need into a small space.  This client got a bench, drawers, doors, a place for shoes,…
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Island or Table?

If your family is like most American families, you use your nook table a lot more use than your dining room table.  However, sometimes it can feel like either your kitchen or nook table are being comprimised by trying the share the same space.  This family made their breakfast table part of their kitchen by…
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