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Kitchen Testimonial

Our clients consistently provide raving reviews of our work, which is why we have been awarded the Guildmaster Award with Distinction for the past 6 consecutive years. We invite you to view a video of a client's testimonial below.  
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Dish Drawer

This idea is built more around function than anything else.  Storing your dishes in a convenient drawer does a few things for you.  First, there's no more lifting heavy dishes and bowls up to tall wall cabinets.  Second, retrieving dishes from the top of a drawer as opposed to the side of a wall cabinet…
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Zero Threshold Shower

Also called a walk-in shower, a zero threshold shower can make your master bathroom even more special.  In this design, not only is there no threshold, but there isn't even a door to fumble with.  Wondering where the valves are in the picture?  They are on the inside of the knee wall next to the…
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I Like the Pike Initiative

Building a good community involves everyone's support.  Below is a great article on the furture of Spring House and Lower Gwynedd and how Harth Builders, among many others, are participating.
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Bathroom Hamper

So, where is your dirty laundry kept? The bed, floor, and counter are all convenient locations.  But unless you enjoy long clothes round-up events, finding the right place for a hamper involves some strategic planning.  Determining where to put a hamper is left up to whatever is best for your family.  However, a great method to consider is concealing it in…
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