Bathroom Hamper

So, where is your dirty laundry kept? The bed, floor, and counter are all convenient locations.  But unless you enjoy long clothes round-up events, finding the right place for a hamper involves some strategic planning.  Determining where to put a hamper is left up to whatever is best for your family.  However, a great method to consider is concealing it in…
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Soapstone Sink

A LOT of time is spent in front of the kitchen sink.  Because of this, it is good design to place the sink in a location with some sort of view.  This could mean installing it below a window, in an island, or in a peninsula.  This increases the quality of the kitchen environment for…
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Recessed Cabinet

Recessed medicine cabinets make great use of space.  The correct placement and make them even more useful.  If you prefer a deep cabinet capable of more storage, like this client, installing it in the wall above above the vanity may not be the best location.  Trying to use the mirror and constantly opening the door…
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Lunch Bar

Like any design choice, there are pros and cons to a lunch bar.  Many of them are dependent on your family's needs and habits.  Generally, the drawbacks include the loss of wall cabinets space in the adjacent room or hallway.  However, even when your lunch bar isn't used for "lunch," the benefits often outway these issues.  It…
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When you have the space to dedicate a room as the kids' playroom, it creates an opportunity to just have fun.  A playroom is its own world, and so does not have to match the rest of the house.  You are free to experiment with different colors, textures, and patterns.  This project contrasts two solid wall…
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