We have all had projects on our mind for quite some time before we say to ourselves, enough is enough! It is at that point in time that the light bulb goes off and you realize, I am ready to take this on. Unfortunately, many of us just want the new space to appear overnight as we have put ourselves through a painstaking process of deliberation prior to even contacting a builder. My piece of advice to you is that now is the time to slow down!
Remodeling is a process that very few are intimately familiar with. It involves layers and layers of planning to have a smooth execution. You should expect to spend between 6 to 12 weeks planning any project, whether it be a hall bathroom or a master suite addition. That period of time will allow detailed drawings to be produced, mechanical systems to be evaluated, all selections to be made and most importantly, a vetted design with accurate pricing.

We all want to have our spaces transformed like the way we see on TV, but that is just not reality. So, how fast is too fast? You are moving too fast if:

• You haven’t verified your builder’s licensing and insurance
• You have not been introduced to the folks you may be working with
• You haven’t been given multiple options for the spatial plan of your project
• You haven’t been in communication with your Township to ensure all permitting and zoning requirements have been met
• You are working on a cabinet design and have not finalized your appliance selections
• You have been a given a one or two page estimate
• You haven’t talked about the width of your grout lines or the height of your showerhead

We could go on and on but the moral of the story is this: before you commit to investing in your home on any scale, large or small, make sure you know exactly what you are getting and just as important, who is providing it!