Spring Storms are Rolling In

The recent string of storms across the US is another reminder of how much there is to monitor at our homes. While we all have work, school, kids, after school activities, older parents to care for, and any number of other things, how often are we thinking about the care of the roof over our…
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Harth Builders to attend the Chestnut Hill Home and Garden Festival

Looking for something to do with your family and/or friends this weekend? The Chestnut Hill Home and Garden Festival will take place this Sunday, May 19th from 11am to 5pm. Come one, come all to the 8000 through 8600 blocks of Germantown Avenue! The festival is a gathering of hundreds of vendors and trades that specialize…
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Your Home, Your Control

Requests to add the control of home automation to our projects is growing rapidly. This can range from a simple timer for outdoor lighting, to the ability to operate the majority of one’s lighting and audio/video from your smartphone. With so many choices, and so many possibilities, where do you begin? Online research can show…
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3 Great Benefits of Working With Design-Build Contractors

Remodeling your home can be quite daunting, but it can also have some financial advantages and vastly improve your property. Whole home remodeling is fairly common, making up about 35% of all remodeling jobs, but kitchen remodels have remained one of the most popular. Upgrading your kitchen can lead to plenty of aesthetic benefits but…
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Colorful Bathroom Tiles May Be Making A Major Comeback

For the last few decades, homeowners have been renovating their bathrooms to get rid of pastel bathroom tiles. Pale greens, blues, and pinks once covered the surface of every shower and sink in the U.S. during the 1940s and '50s. Now colorful bathroom tiles may just be making a comeback. This may come as a…
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