The thought of going without your kitchen for 8 weeks or without your master bath for 6 weeks can be a daunting one. You look around your house and think to yourself, “we really need to remodel everything.” The mere thought of such an endeavor can be highly stressful and you haven’t even discussed it with your spouse yet!

We meet with clients all the time who tell us they don’t like anything about their existing space. Our response to that is “Have you considered moving?” This usually catches people a bit off guard being that we are there to engage them in a remodeling process with us. The truth is, there are probably a ton of things you like about where you live and you are simply frustrated with the space in which you are living.

Many of us love our neighbors, love our neighborhood, have a short commute to work and schools and have built daily routines around the location in which we live. None of these things can be remodeled, but the house certainly can.

If you spend hours every week looking at Zillow, Trulia, EveryHome and the like, know that most houses you find will need as much work as the one you are in now or simply won’t be your style. Suppose you did find a house that had everything you were looking for, would it be worth sacrificing your lifestyle to simply own a better structure? Is it worth uprooting the kids, or spending another 40 minutes in the car each day to get to the places you frequent? Or trying to make new friends in a new neighborhood during the busiest time in your life?

How bad does 8 weeks without a kitchen really sound?

Christopher Lux has spent the last 15 years in the residential remodeling industry and is a Design Build Consultant with Harth Builders in Spring House, PA. Chris is available for in home consultations as well as speaking engagements by calling 215-654-0364