Harth Builders is proud to announce the start of Harth University for our Design and Production staff! This program will take place every other Thursday afternoon in our Production Center, connected to our main building. We have been so blessed over the past few years to grow Harth Builders to what it is today, and have welcomed numerous new additions to our team. The purpose of “Harth U” is to teach everyone the standards we have set in place when working on projects, especially in the field.
Last Thursday, January 11th, was the first course. What was the first topic? Basic trim, door installation and site prep of course! Each session will be a specific training course where the team will have a “hands-on” learning experience.

Additional Harth University topics include:
• Setting cabinetry
• Installing backsplash tile
• Measuring and installing windows
• Framing
• Plumbing
• Electrical work
This list will continue to go on as the weeks go by. Once the entire course is complete, it will start from the beginning again. The more our team practices our standard operating procedures, the better our company will thrive and the smoother projects will run. We are very excited about the start of this new program and know it will benefit both design and production immensely.
If you are interested in a job with Harth Builders please contact us at 215-654-0364 or solutions@harthbuilders.com

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