first floor remodel in ambler paHome remodeling might seem stressful and can be, but it can also lead to excellent property improvements and financial advantages. About 35% of all remodeling jobs involve the whole home, but kitchen remodels have remained one of the most popular. Many projects we have done for Bucks and Montgomery County Pa homeowners include the kitchen and adjacent areas, like the den, laundry, mudroom, and powder rooms. When renovations expand to multiple rooms beyond the kitchen, we refer to them as first floor renovations.

If you’re not careful, first floor remodeling projects can cost a significant amount of money and end up not meeting your needs. That’s why you need to approach this type of home improvement carefully.

Here are some great tips for remodeling your first floor to ensure a positive outcome:

  1. Work with an experienced remodeling contractor — The first mistake some homeowners make when attempting to improve their kitchen and adjacent rooms is to think they can do everything themselves. Unless you have worked as a professional contractor — this is unlikely to work out for you. From architectural design through construction, design build remodeling contractors can help you throughout every step of the process efficiently.
  2. Start with a comprehensive design plan — Work with your remodeling contractor to plan out every aspect of your remodel. Contractors can help you out with the specifics, including traffic pathways through the space, the best placement for appliances, how cabinetry should be positioned, whether or not you want a spice drawer, and everything else. An experienced interior designer can help you determine whether your existing layout can be reconfigured to meet your needs, or if expanding the footprint will be necessary to achieve your goals.
  3. Select and order materials in advance — Before construction begins, you should work with your remodeling firm to order all the cabinets, appliances, flooring, counter tops, back splash, lighting fixtures and more. Work should not begin until you have ordered the majority of what you’ll eventually need. Your remodeling contractor will be better able to schedule work by having the materials ordered in advance. 
  4. Upgrade whenever necessary — Upgrading cabinetry, lighting fixtures, and appliances are great ways to improve your home’s appearance and increase its value. To ensure that your renovation is delivered within the budget you have set, your designer will help point you to the products that are aligned with your budget, while still helping you achieve the right look for the space. 

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