Kitchens are such a major part of the home that it’s one of those areas that are typically more risk-averse. But that doesn’t mean kitchens are a dull, trendless area in the house.

In fact, we’re already seeing some of the biggest design trends of 2019 right in the kitchen. If you’re planning a major kitchen remodel, you might find yourself thinking about the five following changes making headway this year.

  1. Bare minimalism. You would think the minimalism trend couldn’t get more minimalist, but uncluttered kitchens are still a major hit. This trend will continue to move toward enclosed storage, sleek cabinetry, and floating shelves.
  2. Wood finishes. Farmhouse and rustic designs are always a favorite in the kitchen because it’s a space that says “family” and “home.” Natural or stained wood with unique grains, textures, and finishes are a part of those designs and are making a smash in the 2019 market right now.
  3. Integrated finger pulls. Some homeowners prefer sleek knobs and handles on their cabinets, but a growing trend this year is integrated finger pulls on cabinets and appliances. Chamfered edges on drawers and doors give your kitchen a chic appearance and your appliances are more easily able to blend in with the space.
  4. Two-toned cabinetry. Two-toned cabinets have been a rising trend in the last few years and, in 2019, it’s here to stay. Two-toned cabinets give your kitchen more depth and help to draw the eye upward. You can also use this trend on your shelving and your kitchen islands without having to worry about it going out of style. Color trends always change, but the two-toned look is a kitchen staple.
  5. Contrasting colors. Speaking of color trends, another trend that’s a kitchen staple is the push for contrasting color combinations. Contrast holds your attention and gives you the ability to have fun with color in a space that’s traditionally very neutral.

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