According to statistics, homeowners in the United States spent an astounding $394 billion on home improvement. Kitchen renovations are the most popular home improvement project closely followed by bathroom makeovers. While this may not sound significant, you would be wise to recall that a minor kitchen remodeling project delivers an 82.7% return on investment.

While it is clear to see why kitchen remodels are popular, they can only add value to your home when done the right way. You need to pay attention to the trends and identify meaningful ideas you can use. Here are some kitchen remodeling trends that can add value to your home.

1. Technology in the Kitchen

High-level technology and innovation have finally hit the kitchen, and it is not just talking about the appliances you use. You now have the knowledge at your fingertips to build a kitchen remodel that incorporates technology in nearly every process and device.

Tired of always turning the faucet on and off or have a family member who needs better accessibility? You can install sensor-equipped faucets during your kitchen remodeling so that all you need to do is move your hands underneath them and the water runs.

Kitchens are getting smarter thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) which has created new and novel use cases for traditional and modern appliances. For example, you can replace your old refrigerator with a smart one that will alert you when your groceries are almost running out. An automated coffee maker is also an IoT-enabled appliance that can have your cup of coffee ready when you wake up.

If you or your family love eating eggs, then a smart egg detector appliance should be part of your home remodeling. Such a device will alert you when an egg is about to go bad.

Automated lighting is another add-on to kitchen remodels that offers unique value. Once you install smart lighting, you only need to configure it using your mobile app to set when the lights should go on and off without fiddling with them.

Voice-based assistants are also entering the kitchen, and you can use them to make your work infinitely more manageable. For example, you can pair a smart microwave with a home assistant to process voice-based commands, which will enhance your multitasking.

2. Black Is the New White

White cabinets are a staple of many kitchen designs, but the all-white kitchen look is now under siege from a relatively new design entrant; black cabinets. Black cabinets add dramatic flair and a luxurious feel to your cooking space. When you are thinking of how to play around with black in your kitchen, you need to watch out for any signs of the color overpowering the room.

Adding a dash of color and texture to compliment the black cabinets gives your kitchen a vibrant feel. Pair the dark cabinets with a kitchen island that spots a complementary color to make it pop. Wood stain is also an excellent option for the kitchen island to break up the black.

3. An Unforgettable Backsplash Design

Your kitchen backsplash is a focal point of the space, and the type of design you select will impact the rest of your kitchen’s look. Backsplash designs evolve at a high rate of change. Therefore, you and your kitchen remodeling contractor must be in sync to settle on a unique design that will form the bed for the rest of the kitchen’s style language.

The popularity of subway tiles are slowly fading as homeowners, and their kitchen remodeling contractors opt for larger-sized tiles with various patterns. For those brave enough, a backsplash with a pop of color can be a memorable statement piece. If you prefer a more conservative look, then a neutral-colored backsplash with a neutral pattern will achieve a muted yet stylish look.

Add Value to Your Home with Kitchen Remodeling

The home improvement industry is massive, with homeowners spending the most on kitchen remodeling. The incentive behind this popularity is the capacity for kitchen makeovers to deliver high returns on investment. To successfully tap into this value, you should identify meaningful trends that can add new utility to your kitchen.