From garage conversions to sunrooms, home additions can be a great way to boost the overall value of your home, and expand your available storage and living space. Here are some of the most popular types of home additions to consider and give you inspiration for your own house addition.

Kitchen extension additions

Every year, homeowners remodel more than 10 million kitchens in the United States. If you’ve always wanted a larger kitchen but never had the space to make it happen, a kitchen extension addition may be right for you. Design build remodelers can increase the square footage of your kitchen to give you the space you need for wider countertops and plenty of cabinet storage.

Room additions or bump-outs

A room addition or bump-out is when a single room structure is built onto the side of your house. This type of home addition is typically used to expand the size of a single room on the existing house such as a bedroom, bathroom, or dining room. Design build remodelers can give you extra square feet in this type of room addition to make the space more comfortable.

Sunroom additions

Sunroom additions are a popular choice for those who love to spend time basking in the sun without worrying about pesky bugs, wind, or neighbors. Some homeowners choose to transform their front porches into sunrooms by enclosing the space.

Second story additions

Some homeowners who are considering first floor renovations in their home may realize that what they’re really looking for is a second story. While building a second story is one of the most major renovations you can make, it does add significant square footage to your house. And, the resale value it adds to your home is also worth considering.

However, before you plan a second story addition it’s important to talk to your design build remodeler to ensure your home’s structure and foundation are capable of handling the additional weight of another story.

Interested in a home addition but not sure where to start? Harth Builders offers a wide range of renovation and remodeling services to give you the home you’ve been dreaming of. For more information on home additions or whole home remodeling, contact the design build remodelers at Harth Builders today.