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Dish Drawer

This idea is built more around function than anything else.  Storing your dishes in a convenient drawer does a few things for you.  First, there's no more lifting heavy dishes and bowls up to tall wall cabinets.  Second, retrieving dishes from the top of a drawer as opposed to the side of a wall cabinet…
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Outside Corner Cabinet

Losing things in the back of deep cabinets is never fun.  It results in either clutter or not being able to find things. However, are different ways to solve this common problem.  One of which is to make good use of cabinets that sit on outside corners.  Building two doors means better access and organization, making…
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Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas

Looking for a great place to store spices and condiments within easy reach of your kitchen range? Neatly conceal them behind decorative pilasters flanking the range, like in this North Wales kitchen.
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