Our Berwyn clients came to us in search of remodeling a portion of their early 1900’s farmhouse. Their existing kitchen was divided by a bearing wall, separating it from the rest of the house and making it feel isolated. The prior tight U-shaped kitchen made it hard to move around with kids and pets. The growing family of almost 6 needed room for storage and plenty of seating. Our design team came up with a new layout that opened up the wall dividing the kitchen and dining room for better flow and wider pathways. We utilized the existing eating nook as part of the new kitchen making the space feel very open and expansive! We incorporated a “table” into the new island for the whole family to sit around. A beverage station and appliance garage were added as well as a cork board integrated into the side of the pantry cabinet for easy organization. We wanted to pay tribute to their gorgeous farmhouse with the inclusion of a detailed apron front sink as well as an accent design to the end and back of their island cabinetry. This a is now a space for the whole family and their friends to enjoy!