1. Initial Consultations
  • 90 minute meeting at your home
  • Discussing the scope of the project
  • Examine existing site conditions
  • Take initial measurements
2. Budget
  • Provide an Opinion of Probable Cost (OPC)
  • If construction budget falls within the OPC range (+/-15%), proceed to Design Development
3. Design Agreement
  • Outlines a high level scope of work, design budget, and details the Design Retainer Fee
  • Explain work that takes place in the design phase
4. Selections
  • Complete questionnaire prior to selecting products
  • 6-14 weeks Design Development period
  • Meet every 10 days (about every week and a half)
  • Budget and aesthetics guidance provided at every step
5. Meet Our Production Team
  • Trade Walkthrough with our production staff and trades
  • Discuss mechanicals and make sure project is constructible
  • Critical step for avoiding surprises
6. Authorization To Proceed
  • Review architectural plans
  • Storyboard selections
  • Review detailed scope of work (Construction Contract)
  • Review GANTT chart schedule with start and completion dates
  • Thorough review of corresponding pricing
  • Upon your authorization to proceed, a 10% deposit payment is due
7. Pre Construction
  • Apply for permits once plans are finalized
  • Design confirmation meeting
  • Consolidation meeting
  • Pre Construction Meeting
8. Construction
  • Set up dust control walls at key intersections
  • Lead Carpenter or Project Manager on-site daily as needed and accessible by phone when not on-site
  • Email progress reports
  • Job site will be broom swept daily
  • At end of each work week, project will be vacuum swept
  • Weekly stage payments follow milestones throughout the Construction phase
9. Completion
  • At Substantial Completion a Pre Completion Meeting is scheduled
  • Punch List items identified (if any)
  • Two final payments are for Substantial Completion and Punch List to ensure work is completed to your satisfaction
10. Warranty
  • Two year Warranty provided on work
  • Warranty cards, Product Care Guide, and a Warranty Letter delivered following completion
  • Follow-up calls at 6, 12, 18, and 24 months after Substantial Completion
  • Any rework required scheduled within 30 days