Kitchen Remodel, Pantry, storage, tall cabinets, black cabinets, shallow cabintetsSo where do you keep those bulky non-perishable items?  Hmm…depends…how tall are the kids?  We all have a pantry storage area.  Maybe a single wall cabinet.  Maybe a full on walk-in closet.  It depends on how much food, and what type of food, your household eats.  No one’s pantry is particularly organized, especially when the kitchen is in full production on Turkey Day.  This is the reason that no one designs a pantry with glass doors.  There are at least two other things you also want to think about.  You want full access, not only to reach things, but to actually see what you need to get.  The other is to keep it shallow.  Unless you have small appliances to store that you don’t use a lot, a pantry that is too deep often only results in things getting lost in the back.  Full height, shallow cabinets often satisfy all these issues, with the bonus of blending in with your kitchen cabinets.