Remodel, Bathroom, Bathtub, Recess, Tile, Arch, Accent LightingMaking good use of space is important in any remodel.  Getting the maximum amount of storage, countertop surface, or deck space are all common goals among homeowners. However, its important not to make aesthetics the forgotten child of design.  No one wants to live in a warehouse that is built around efficiency…save for maybe an engineer (no offence to our engineer friends!).  People who frequently take relaxing baths will appreciate this design.  We used the back of a closet to create an arched recess adjacent to the soaking tub.  Finishes include mosaic tile, thick moulding, and picture frame tile, all lit by lights in the ceiling of the recess.  Could there have been shelving there?  Yes.  A cabinet?  Sure.  Would it have looked as cool?  No way.  Leaving space for aesthetics can make your home your favorite place to be.