IMG_4644-001At Harth Builders, we are frequently recognized for our efficient work process. While it is safe to say that we appreciate a good Gantt chart, it is also true that we like to make the remodeling process fun for our clients and crew. One way we do this is with a ritual called Topping Off.

For home remodeling projects requiring significant structural work, we often perform this merry rite. Also known as Topping Out, the ceremony is intended to celebrate the end of the structural construction phase, along with all of the people who contributed to the project.

IMAG0596 (2)The Topping Off is typically conducted at the end of the work day. The entire project team, along with the homeowners, gather together as a bough of evergreen is placed at the highest point of the structure by the youngest member of the team. Frosty beverages and snacks are distributed and then everyone toasts to the success of the project.

The photos in this post depict a Topping Off held recently to celebrate the framing completion for a two-story addition. Built in the 1960’s, this Lower Gwynedd Township home is in the process of being expanded on both the first and second floors. We are currently ahead of schedule and expect the project to be completed by early February.