Harth University was back in session recently taking place in our Production Center. What was the topic? “Harth Gets Healthy!” We were privileged to have two guest speakers come and educate the staff of Harth Builders. Teri Wassel, Public Health Nutritionist of the Montgomery County Office of Public Health, ran the hour session with the help of Dawn Batman (Harth’s Project Manager, Tom Batman’s wife) who is Supervisor of Health Promotion for the Montgomery County Office of Public Health. The purpose of the class was to teach basic nutritional information while providing helpful tips on how to keep up with an easy but healthy lifestyle.

To start the class off a general questionnaire, comprised of fifteen questions, was given out to be completed. Some of the questions included; “What is the U.S.’s most popular vegetable?”, “Which foods are considered standard proteins to help build muscle?” and “How many food groups are there?” Teri and Dawn took the time to compile a wonderful list of simple yet healthy recipes as well. These were given out to everyone to implement into their own daily lives. It always seems “easier” to go out and buy a quick fast food lunch, but is it the healthiest option? These recipes, which consisted mostly of delicious salads and homemade dressings, are quick and smarter alternatives to what our guys are used to grabbing on the go.

The last agenda item was to create one of the salads as practice. One useful tip is packing a salad in a mason jar. A mason jar salad is such a great and healthy option to pack for lunch! What makes one so convenient is the ability to add the dressing at the bottom and stack your ingredients accordingly. One can then dump the salad into a bowl and enjoy! Harth U’s salad that day included arugula, cheese tortellini, turkey pepperoni, and tomatoes.

Harth would like to thank Teri and Dawn for taking the time and effort to make this such a fun and successful lesson to all who were involved!