There has been no shortage of fallen trees lately and it is certainly keeping the insurance adjusters busy and homeowners stressed out. We work with our clients regularly on insurance claims and it can be a daunting process for the homeowners, most of which have never dealt with such a process before. So how do you make the process less painful?

Once you have made contact with your insurance company, engage your remodeling contractor. It is best to have them on site when the insurance adjuster first visits. This will allow another set of trained eyes to catch things that the adjuster may otherwise overlook. It also gives the opportunity for an informed person to ask all the right questions of the adjuster. It has been our experience that the initial scope of work is clearer and the financial consideration from the insurance company is higher when we are involved in that first on-site meeting. Getting a higher financial offer up front reduces the need for numerous supplements to the claim and makes the long term process of rebuilding much less painful.

Dealing with an insurance claim is never easy, just be sure to align yourself with the right remodeler and make the process a little bit easier. For a list of licensed, insured and professional remodelers in your area you can visit the website of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry at

Christopher Lux has spent the last 15 years in the residential remodeling industry and is a Design Build Consultant with Harth Builders in Spring House, PA. Chris is available for in-home consultations as well as speaking engagements by calling 215-654-0364