Life changes frequently and quickly. Maybe your children have moved out or have simply grown up. Or, you may be thinking about how to best make your home fit your changing needs as you approach retirement.

Whatever the reason, you may be one of many homeowners considering a bathroom remodel to better meet your family’s demands. In fact, 60% of homeowners are looking to remodel their master bathroom.

A master bathroom renovation is an important undertaking. Think about how much time you spend in the bathroom preparing for or unwinding from life. Here are five ways to make a statement in your master bath remodel.

1. Walls

Use mosaic tiles, wallpaper, marble, or screens to create a visual splash. Your master bathroom remodel is an excellent opportunity to express your personality.

Hexagon tiles are a safe way to liven up your bathroom. Another option is to cover a wall in long, skinny tiles to subtly accent your bathroom.

Some remodels have included unique and colorful wallpaper or a marble wall. Screens are another way to insert personality and taste into your updated bathroom.

2. Colors

Black is a popular choice in master bathroom remodels. Including black on the ceiling or on a fixture creates a crisp and modern look.

If black is not your color, consider bright colors in unique ways. Ask your remodeling designers to stick to neutral colors. Then, add color with a pink wall or a blue bathtub.

Either way, choosing a bold color for some aspect of your bathroom will make the entire room pop.

3. Go Vintage

When selecting your faucets, toilets, and other fixtures, choose brass and gold. These vintage choices will match other modern elements in your first floor remodel. Your master bathroom renovation can be the crown of your work with brass and gold accents.

4. Vanities and Mirrors

Another simple way to add class and style to your bathroom is through your vanities and mirrors. Choosing an industrial vanity adds a modern accent through design, color, and material. Another option is to install a floating vanity, which creates a feeling of space and airiness.

5. Think Tech

Bathroom technology is moving forward far faster than most realize. Tech-integrated bathrooms can amp up comfort and style.

Indulge with heated floors or anti-fog mirrors. Splurge on warming drawers and speakers to make your morning routine far more enjoyable.

For even more luxury, install a shower that starts automatically or voice-activated lights. Create a spa-like shower with customized lighting and temperature settings on a touchscreen.

If you are considering a master bathroom renovation, there are many excellent ways to add value and style to your home. Choose one or more of the suggestions above to start. Even better, talk these ideas over with your contractor!