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3 Bathroom Remodel Trends To Expect For Spring

Spring is officially here, and nothing puts a fresh spin on your home quite like a bathroom remodel. While some master bathroom remodeling ideas are sleek, white, and Pinterest-worthy, there are many new trends that are adding more interest to the modern bathroom this year. From the latest color and hardware styles to practical updates…
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Key Signs It’s Time to Switch Up Your Master Bathroom

According to a Houzz survey, 60% of homeowners plan to remodel their master bathroom. It's a decent investment, after all, we spend more time in the bathroom than we realize. From brushing our teeth to styling our hair — it’s the room that is essential to our morning and nightly rituals. Which is why renovating…
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Why Renovating Your Master Bathroom is More Important Than You Think

When you think of grand renovation projects, what is the first room makeover that comes to mind. Homeowners are quick to say their master bedroom. Alternatively, the kitchen is also an area they are chomping at the bit to upgrade. But have you ever considered master bathroom renovations for your next big project? Around 14.2…
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5 Ways to Make a Statement in Your Master Bath Remodel

Life changes frequently and quickly. Maybe your children have moved out or have simply grown up. Or, you may be thinking about how to best make your home fit your changing needs as you approach retirement. Whatever the reason, you may be one of many homeowners considering a bathroom remodel to better meet your family's…
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Colorful Bathroom Tiles May Be Making A Major Comeback

For the last few decades, homeowners have been renovating their bathrooms to get rid of pastel bathroom tiles. Pale greens, blues, and pinks once covered the surface of every shower and sink in the U.S. during the 1940s and '50s. Now colorful bathroom tiles may just be making a comeback. This may come as a…
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