It is not very common for a small company to have more than one Eagle Scout on staff. Harth Builders, however, has three of them on its sales team. Allyn Harth, Greg Harth and Chris Lux all earned the rank of Eagle Scout and continue to carry on the values of Scouting at work and at home.

Chris’s Dad, Bob Lux, passed away suddenly at the age of 62 this past December and left quite a void in the local Scouting world. He had been involved with Scouts as a volunteer for over 30 years, chartered the troop that Chris grew up in, mentored close to 40 boys to the rank of Eagle, chaired the finance committee for the last 8 years, and most recently, chaired the board for Cradle of Liberty Council.

Scouting had an operational deficit for many years prior to Bob chairing the finance committee, and for the past seven years, has had a budget surplus. His passing has left many in Scouting wondering how large of an adverse impact they will see financially.

Only a few days after his Dad’s passing, Chris met with the CEO of Scouting and proposed an idea, a golf outing in memory of Bob. He was told that a new golf outing was no small feat to get off the ground but that Scouting would be supportive of the effort if it was something he wanted to do. Harth Builders subsequently committed to being the first Platinum sponsor of the event and was the catalyst for its fundraising efforts.

The Bob Lux Memorial Outing for Scouting is now on pace to reach its goal of providing $75,000 to the Cradle of Liberty Council of Scouting. These funds will ensure that more young men and women from underserved areas will be able to experience the things that Allyn, Greg and Chris did that were so critical to their character development; things like camping, popcorn sales, community service activities, and a wide and varied offering of educational programs that these kids would otherwise have no access to.

Please help us by sharing this information with anyone you know that has a passion for Scouting or a passion for golf. After all, the event is at the Philadelphia Cricket Club and will showcase some of the best golf in the state of Pennsylvania.

The Bob Lux Memorial Outing for Scouting will take place on September 3rd, 2019.