Let’s take a moment to talk whole home remodels.


About a third of home remodels involve the whole home. That may be because remodeling an entire home has its advantages. Tackling the entire home as a single project creates efficiencies for the various trades on the project. In this approach, work is typically completed more quickly, reducing the overall impact the renovation has on daily life–particularly for families who elect to live at home throughout the process.


Changing flooring or wall positions and surfaces can have a dramatic impact. Wood paneling and painted drywall can often be found as standard throughout most mid to late century bathrooms and kitchens, while linoleum is the standard flooring. A whole home remodeling contractor is versed in the replacement of these common materials and beyond, and will be able to guide you in the selection of something that will both compliment the existing aesthetic of your home and add to the overall value of the property.


Mosaic tile is a popular option for a backsplash, or another design element, in kitchen remodels. Consumers often overlook the diversity of color and shape that mosaic tiles come in. If you have an idea in mind, consult your home remodeling designer – they likely have a way of producing it.


Take a similar stand against the bland walls inherited from decades ago. They, too, can be replaced entirely. Brick and stone accent walls can be installed in kitchens as well as in bathrooms. Partial additions of colored tile around bathroom sinks create a beautiful contrast and make a great addition to any bathroom remodel.


Likewise you’ll want to discuss the replacement of your sinks, appliances, and counter tops with your remodeling contractor. Soapstone is a popular material for both counter tops and farmhouse sinks. Though on the pricier side, it offers great stain resistance and goes well with any stone flooring and walls. The material will be rather easy for your design professional to find and even easier for you to compliment with sophisticated kitchen cabinetry. Alternative and similarly priced materials include quartz and granite.


Whether your home remodel involves a single room or entire floor, employing a professional home remodeling contractor is a good idea. The changes you make to your property should be enduring and you will want them to increase the appeal and monetary value of your home. A design build remodeling contractor will assist you in making the correct choices, obtaining the necessary permits with your municipality, and making your home your favorite place to be.