One of the most popular projects for homeowners is a first-floor remodel. It improves the flow of the home, and reflects the way your really live. It’s a big job, so you want to work with a professional remodeler to make sure you get it right. Load-bearing walls will move, you’ll need new electrical and plumbing, plus all the finishes, appliances, and fixtures — you want to work with someone you can trust and who has experience.

You’ll want to get your goals lined up first. A remodel of your first floor can add value to your home and to your day-to-day living. Here are a few projects to consider.

Remodeling your home can be a satisfying process. This is particularly true if you hire a reputable design build company to help guide your vision and your project. Before choosing your professional, however, it is important to have an idea as to what kind of project you want to dive into. A great place to start is by doing a first floor remodel. There are several ways you can improve the value of your home using a first floor remodel. Here are some ideas to help you get started on what can be a rewarding journey.

A New Master Suite

Many homes built in the last 30 years in recent times don’t have a master suite on the first floor. But they’re coming back into popularity — especially for parents with older kids or with a newly empty nest. For people with bad knees or other aches, one-floor living eliminates multiple trips up and down the steps. It’s a great investment if you plan to live in your home for decades, but can also help resale value when selling — there’s a big market for homes that are ready for aging in place.

Creating a new master suite can be simpler than you think. Ask your remodeler if a current downstairs bathroom can provide an anchor point for the project — the basic plumbing is already there, which will save work time and money. You can make it bigger and personalize it to create the master suite of your dreams.


Convert Your Bathroom with Universal Design Features

Approximately 60% of homeowners are looking to remodel their master bathroom, according to a Houzz survey. A first- floor remodel can add even more value to your home if it includes remodeling your downstairs bathroom using universal design principles

The features of universal design enable anyone to use the bathroom safely. This may include adding rails and grab bars that make it easier to sit down on or rise from the toilet. Similar grab bars or handles can be positioned in the shower. This will allow for safer showering and bathing and may prevent the need for someone who is older or injured from needing to hire external help.


Redo Your Home’s Entrance

The entrance of your home does far more than simply provide a convenient portal into and out of your abode. It’s a welcome mat for you and those you care about. It makes a statement about you and your home.

Hiring a design-build remodeler to redo the entrance to your home can also add value to your house — particularly if the new entrance complements the exterior of your home better than your current setup.

Any thoughts about a first-floor renovation should include redesigning your entrance. The project can be fairly simple for the right professional. For instance, adding side windows can often be done without compromising significant load-bearing components. Putting a new roof over your entrance can be accomplished in a relatively short period of time and without significantly affecting impacting the interior of your home.

Whatever you choose to do with your first floor remodel, keep in mind that the work you are doing isn’t just making your home look and feel great, it is adding value for you, your family, and your future.