When you host for the holidays, you might be concerned that your kitchen isn’t big enough or that you don’t have enough bathrooms to keep everyone in your extended family happy and comfortable. But instead of letting these concerns get the best of you, consider letting them inspire you this holiday season.

If you already know you’ve been wanting to renovate your home but aren’t sure where to start, consider using the holidays to get real-life observations about how your home functions and how it can improve. Here are three things to keep an eye out for while you host this holiday season.

  1. Kitchen functionality for larger parties. Your kitchen might work well for small family dinners, but how well does it function for larger gatherings? Keep an eye on the specific problems that you and your family experience in the kitchen this holiday season. If there isn’t enough counter space, you might need a kitchen island. If your stove can’t handle a turkey, potatoes, and other foods all at once, you might need new appliances. Remember that renovations are there to make your space more functional, which means you need to figure out how it can function better for you. Fortunately, even a minor kitchen remodel has a return on investment of 82.7%.
  2. How many bathrooms you actually need. You might be able to get by with your home’s one-and-a-half baths with a few frustrating mornings here and there. But if it feels like torture during the holiday season to wait to use the restroom, you might need to consider a bathroom addition or remodel in the new year.
  3. How many guest bedrooms is enough. If you don’t have a guest bedroom or you only have one, things can quickly get crowded during the holidays. Ask yourself how many guests you might reasonably host throughout the next year in addition to the current holiday season. From there, you can calculate just how many guest bedroom additions you might want or how large you might want to make your existing one.

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