When you think of grand renovation projects, what is the first room makeover that comes to mind. Homeowners are quick to say their master bedroom. Alternatively, the kitchen is also an area they are chomping at the bit to upgrade. But have you ever considered master bathroom renovations for your next big project?

Around 14.2 million master bathroom renovations are completed annually. You can say that they are more than common. And for a variety of reasons.

However, if you’re still uncertain, here’s are a few reasons why flipping that older bathroom is more important than you think.

It will match the rest of your home

If your home has already undergone a kitchen remodel or an entire first floor renovation, your master bathroom may no longer match the rest of your home. If you wish for your home to feel cohesive, go ahead and make those much needed changes to your master bath.

Renovating your master bath will increase the value of your home

Like with most other room upgrades, flipping the master bathroom will increase the value of your home substantially. Whether you’re living in a temporary home or your forever home, it’s a good idea to make those necessary upgrades now if the time to move out ever does come. You can also upgrade to energy-efficient appliances while you’re at it and save money in the process.

Renovating the master bath also reduces your chance of water damage

Water damage can be a real hassle. Having an older bathroom increases your chances. Upgrading it gives you the opportunity to make some much needed changes to your bathroom’s design and layout to prevent this dire mishap. You can also add more storage, replace the toilet, and treat yourself to a brand new sink.

You will impress friends and family staying over

If your home is the hotspot for all family get-togethers and holidays, upgrade your bathroom to wow anyone staying with you. They’ll take notice right away, and even feel more comfortable in your newly remodeled home.

A final word on master bathroom remodels

Master bathroom renovations are just as important as your other home improvement projects. Flipping your master bathroom can increase the value of your home, ensure the house feels put together, and will even ‘wow’ your guests and relatives. The bottom line is that taking the time to enhance your space is well worth it in the end.