Remodeling your master bathroom is an exciting journey. You have the opportunity to renovate your showers to suit your taste and style, and bringing in the right fixtures and amenities assures you of comfort within your bathroom walls. This is why more than 60% of homeowners are planning to remodel their master bathroom.

Proper planning, coupled up with the appropriate design, will help convert your dreams into reality. Here are some tips to guide you through the remodeling journey.

Plan Ahead

The success of your master bathroom remodels hinges on the plans you set up with your bathroom remodeler. It is important to work with a professional designer who will walk you through the various bathroom layouts available today. An ideal design should match your bedroom theme and bring out your personality at the same time.

A renovation plan also helps you develop your budget. It is advisable to add a little extra in the budget to accommodate unforeseen issues. You should try to stick to your plan no matter what, as deviating extends the completion date and may increase costs.

Choose the Right Lighting

Many homeowners often fail to factor in lighting and its role in creating ambiance. Luxurious bathroom lighting complements the elegant finish on your faucets and fixtures.

You can choose to go with sunken track lighting or frosted glass fixtures, which are ideal if you are going for a soft ambient glow. Combining LED lights with wall sconces above your mirror is also a great idea, especially when they are coupled with dimmer switches.

Factor In Ventilation

Though often neglected, ventilation plays a significant role in helping your new installations last longer. Poor ventilation usually leads to a build-up of mold and mildew on your new floors and cabinets. Eventually, this will wreak havoc on your newly remodeled master bathroom.

Select Durable Flooring

Porcelain, ceramic and stone tiles provide excellent water-resistant choices that will look beautiful in any floor plan. Baseboard tiles offer durability with an elegant finishing touch. You can also install a floor-heating system under your tiles. This add-on can be used to pre-warm your bathroom tiles before you step into the bathroom in the morning or during winter nights.

Maximize Your Bathroom Space

Most homeowners believe their spaces are too small for full master bathroom remodels. However, with the help of remodeling designers, you can work with the space you have to create an en suite bathroom.

Pedestal sinks and clear glass shower doors offer an impression of a larger room, regardless of the actual size. A larger wall mirror may also do the trick. You can also install cabinets and towel racks above the toilet seat to maximize the available space.

Plan with the Future in Mind

An excellent master bathroom remodel should fit your style and preferences to last for years to come. If you plan to sell your house, it is essential to find features and appliances that will appreciate the value of your home. Bathroom renovations usually provide a 100% return on investment when done the right way.

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