Spring is officially here, and nothing puts a fresh spin on your home quite like a bathroom remodel. While some master bathroom remodeling ideas are sleek, white, and Pinterest-worthy, there are many new trends that are adding more interest to the modern bathroom this year.

From the latest color and hardware styles to practical updates that help to improve the functionality of your space, here are some of the latest bathroom design trends that master bathroom remodelers are spotting this season.

  1. Deep colors. Darker colors like navy blue and emerald green have been steadily making their way into the modern bathroom over the last few years. But where these deep colors once replaced the backsplash behind your sink or the tile behind your bathtub or shower, now these colors are making their way into the entire room. This spring, you can expect to see master bathrooms with entire walls colored in dark shades of calming colors to create a bold, yet chic effect.
  2. Unconventional tiles. Not everyone who loves a bathroom renovation loves a lot of color. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. One bathroom trend that’s turning heads in a subtle way are unconventional bathroom tiles in geometric patterns. White, scale-tiled walls are a great way to add some pizzazz to your bathroom without going too bold. These tiles can also be incorporated into a kitchen backsplash for the 10 million households planning on remodeling their kitchen within the next year.
  3. Lots of plants. Like dark colors in the bathroom, plants have been gradually making their way throughout the American household. Now, our green, leafy friends are making their home in the modern bathroom to add just a little more sense of calm and freshness. Plants are their own miniature trend within the major, growing trend of incorporating natural touches into the home. Some homeowners are actually renovating their bathrooms around their plants to include an indoor garden in the room’s design.

Bathroom remodeling trends come and go, but your master bathroom remodelers can help you find a design that meets your needs for years to come. Remodeling designers have the skill to bring the master bathroom renovations of your dreams to life. For more information about master bathroom or hall bathroom renovations, contact Harth Builders today.