Many homeowners want to revamp their outdoor living space by adding a deck or patio. Both options provide an area for family and friends to gather, a place to relax, cook on the grill, and enjoy the sun or stars. Get the most of your outdoor space by consulting with remodeling designers that can assist you in choosing whether a deck or patio is right for you.

The Definitions of Decks and Patios

In order to choose whether you want a deck or patio, it helps to understand the definition of each structure. A deck is an open platform much like a porch that doesn’t have a roof and extends from your home. A patio is a paved area that is directly on the ground and either detached or attached to a house. Both offer a great outdoor living experience, depending on which you prefer.

The Pros of a Deck

Remodeling designers can build a new deck for your home that extends a living room into the outdoors. There are other benefits to having a deck built as a home addition, as well. If you have uneven terrain, a deck is better for your home.

Decks are easily customizable whether you prefer to have your new deck stained or painted any shade or color you desire. You can even match it to the exterior of your home. They are also great for offering a gorgeous view. Since decks tend to be built up off of the ground, they offer views you couldn’t otherwise get.

Deck Designs

Deck designs have reached whole new levels with beautiful railings. The choices of metal, glass, vinyl, cabling, and composites are brilliant alternatives to traditional wood railings. No matter which you choose, your remodeling designers will know how to perfectly match these design details with your deck.

Design-build remodelers are perfect at providing more room when creating the ideal deck to fit your home. Have you considered using many levels? When you want more room, levels are the answer. Add two or even three levels to offer more space for all sorts of cozy settings. Don’t build bigger; build smarter using levels that multiply entertaining and living space. Consider it a way to break up extended, unattractive stairs that tend to plague some elevated decks.

The Pros of a Patio

A beautiful patio takes careful planning by remodeling designers who know how to use space wisely. There are various design options for patios, including the use of materials that are cohesive with the exterior of your home. Patios are more attractive to many people because a design-build remodeler can incorporate landscaping to set a relaxing and luxurious tone.

Patios are also very easy to maintain. Use the trusted advice of remodeling designers to choose a great sealant if necessary. Many stone patios and pavers are already extremely durable and do not need to be sealed. Durable materials will give your patio a long lifespan of 25 years or more while continuing to retain value with little upkeep.

Patio Design

Since patios tend to be lower to the ground, design-build remodeling services are more flexible. Using expert designs and placement, a patio can offer more privacy, as well. You can strategically light up the space and add beauty with LED lights that provide a pleasing ambiance. Select from overhead lights, path lights, post lights, and moveable lanterns that effortlessly complement the style and functionality of your patio plans.

Which Best Fits Your Needs: A Deck or Patio?

Both patios and decks are wonderful, open-air choices. They offer a picture-perfect backdrop when you want to focus on using your outdoor space. Schedule a consultation with design-build remodelers who can beautifully extend your living space with the addition of a patio or deck.