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Tiered Lansdale Deck Perfect for Enjoying the Outdoors

As the weather warms and the days get longer, we all long to spend more time outside. Our clients, Mark and Janet, were frustrated by their existing deck and wanted to create an outdoor space for barbecues and entertaining friends and family — especially their two young granddaughters. The existing deck was exposed on sunny…
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Roof and Trellis Hybrid

Ever feel like your deck gets too much sun?  Not enough sun? Retrofitting an existing deck with weather/sun protection can be a big challenge, especially with competing roof lines.  A hybrid roof like this project allows light to be filtered on one side, while the other side offers weather protection when needed.
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Outdoor Living

Building a Living Space outside has its own inherent challenges.  However, when planned properly and executed correctly, it can change the way you live in your house.  This project is complete, incorporating a roof, fireplace, TV, and ceiling fan.
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