When you have the space to dedicate a room as the kids' playroom, it creates an opportunity to just have fun.  A playroom is its own world, and so does not have to match the rest of the house.  You are free to experiment with different colors, textures, and patterns.  This project contrasts two solid wall…
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Outdoor Living

Building a Living Space outside has its own inherent challenges.  However, when planned properly and executed correctly, it can change the way you live in your house.  This project is complete, incorporating a roof, fireplace, TV, and ceiling fan.
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Kitchen TV

Having a TV in the kitchen to watch while cooking is great.  However, finding a place where it doesn't take up valuable counter space can be difficult.  Hiding it in a wall or tall cabinet can be a great solution.  In this kitchen, we tucked a TV right about the double ovens.
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Refrigerator Drawer

One of the hardest parts about making major changes to your kitchen is imagining yourself doing something different.  Refrigerator drawers are one of those things not many people think of.  The benefits, however, are obvious: convenience, blending in with your cabinetry, and creating more space in your main refrigerator.
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Outside Corner Cabinet

Losing things in the back of deep cabinets is never fun.  It results in either clutter or not being able to find things. However, are different ways to solve this common problem.  One of which is to make good use of cabinets that sit on outside corners.  Building two doors means better access and organization, making…
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