Mudroom Efficiency

Mudrooms are quickly be coming one of the most requested projects.  They make a great "drop zone" for at your entry through the garage or rear door.  Big spaces are great, but if designed effectively, you can fit what you need into a small space.  This client got a bench, drawers, doors, a place for shoes,…
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Island or Table?

If your family is like most American families, you use your nook table a lot more use than your dining room table.  However, sometimes it can feel like either your kitchen or nook table are being comprimised by trying the share the same space.  This family made their breakfast table part of their kitchen by…
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Kitchen Testimonial

Our clients consistently provide raving reviews of our work, which is why we have been awarded the Guildmaster Award with Distinction for the past 6 consecutive years. We invite you to view a video of a client's testimonial below.  
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Dish Drawer

This idea is built more around function than anything else.  Storing your dishes in a convenient drawer does a few things for you.  First, there's no more lifting heavy dishes and bowls up to tall wall cabinets.  Second, retrieving dishes from the top of a drawer as opposed to the side of a wall cabinet…
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Zero Threshold Shower

Also called a walk-in shower, a zero threshold shower can make your master bathroom even more special.  In this design, not only is there no threshold, but there isn't even a door to fumble with.  Wondering where the valves are in the picture?  They are on the inside of the knee wall next to the…
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