Space for Aesthetics

  Making good use of space is important in any remodel.  Getting the maximum amount of storage, countertop surface, or deck space are all common goals among homeowners. However, its important not to make aesthetics the forgotten child of design.  No one wants to live in a warehouse that is built around for maybe…
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Vessel Sinks

  Functionality and aesthetic appeal unfortunately do no always play well together.  Some people love vessel sinks, others would rather wash their face with the garden hose.  However, there's no denying the cool look of some of the vessel sinks out there (stone, glass, etc).  If you want the place where you brush your teeth…
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Symmetrically Contemporary

Symmetry is a trait that is usually more prevalent in traditional designs.  However, no one should be shackled by the words "usually more prevalent."  This master bathroom uses both contemporary and traditional techniques.  Light colors and clean lines create contrast with the dark mosaic tile, framed by the perfect symmetry of the entire wall.
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Build Smart

It seems like today's family just can't get enough room.  Add that to the fact that the modern family is increasingly centered around the kitchen, and it becomes understandable why kitchen additions are so popular.  However, bigger is not always better.  You want to spend your money wisely.  This client's story fits that description to a…
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Wet Bar Rendition

How much do you entertain?  If you often have people over for social occasions, having a wet bar is a great idea.  If designed right, it can be a beautiful place to store drinks, cold or otherwise.  Having a place for your guest to gather can also keep them out of the cook's way.
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