Summer is the perfect time for family gatherings … is your home ready? How about giving it some renovations and remodels this summer? Here are some home remodeling ideas that you can use to spruce up your property.

1. Wooden Floor Plans

Wooden floor plans are becoming a trend in the home remodeling industry. Homeowners are now moving away from ceramic tiles, and they want something with Victorian style. Nothing brings older home styles into the modern world than wooden floor tiles. This method of home remodeling is not just cost-friendly but is also durable. It is highly preferred in high-traffic areas such as first-floor renovation and kitchen remodels where water is likely to spill on the floor.

2. Indoor Outdoor Remodeling

Indoor outdoor home remodeling is a whole home remodeling strategy that involves combining the interior designs with the exterior space to create harmony. Homeowners don’t want to have contrasting interiors and exteriors. They want a seamless experience when one is moving in and out of the home. This explains why furniture in the living room has been brought into the outdoor living area. There is no difference between the two. Any exterior home additions carry an aspect of the home interior to maintain harmony.

3. Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchens are no longer the small rooms in the corner of the house. Modern home designs have made the kitchen the heart of the home. Hiring an experienced kitchen remodeling contractor could bring out one of the best kitchen designs in the industry. A kitchen must have a large and spacious room to accommodate an eating area, which has rendered the traditional dining area irrelevant. Other kitchens have a small bar that can be used by the family and friends.

4. Covered Patio

Covered patios are becoming the new outdoor areas where people can spend some time during the day and at night as well. A covered patio can accommodate between five and 10 people, hence reducing traffic in the living room. Patios have proved to be the best places where families can take shelter from the scorching sun in summer and also shelter from rain and snowy conditions during winter.

5. Fireplaces

Fireplaces are a major aspect of new home remodeling strategies. In fact, fireplaces are now being added to patios and other outdoor living areas. As a homeowner, having a fireplace is one way of welcoming your visitors and giving them an opportunity to get some warmth.

6. Sustainable Home Remodeling

Have you bought into the idea of sustainability? If you believe that sustainability is the future of this world, there are some ways you can include it in your home remodeling strategies. A big window that allows natural light and eliminates the need for electricity during the day is one of these sustainable designs. Installing solar panels to make use of the available sun is also a standout sustainable home remodeling technique.

According to Houzz, one-third of homeowners in the United States highlight that they change to a healthier lifestyle after remodeling their kitchens, which explains the benefits of kitchen remodeling. If you are interested in revamping your kitchen, Harth Builders are the ultimate home remodelers and have done so for several years.