Harth Builders’ commitment to excellence is evident in our extensive experience, acute attention to detail, and our ability to interpret our clients’ visions to craft their dream homes. This excellence isn’t just our goal; it’s the standard our clients have come to expect. That’s why homeowners return to us for additional projects, recommend us to their friends and family, and seek our advice for big and small projects.

Our reputation goes far beyond our local circle, however. We’re frequently honored with highly competitive industry awards and accolades — like BUILD Magazine’s Most Outstanding Remodeling Contractor Award.

BUILD Magazine: Putting High Achievers in the Spotlight

Harth Builders was recently honored with a Design and Build Award from BUILD Magazine — a publication providing the latest news in construction and property markets. BUILD Magazine’s mission is to provide recognition, support, and endorsement to high-performing architecture, construction, and interior design companies. Highlighting these successful teams offers a valuable resource to all homeowners looking to build or renovate their dream home.  

The Design and Build Award Selection Process

BUILD Magazine selects the winners of their Design and Build Awards through a phased, merit-based process. First, a firm has to be nominated. Next, all nominees are given the option to present information about past or present projects that prove their talent and expertise. The research team at BUILD Magazine then evaluates all the nominated companies and chooses the award recipients based on their findings.

We’re honored to be recognized as Most Outstanding Remodeling Contractor of 2021, and pleased homeowners have further proof that Harth Builders is the premier choice of design-build firms in Bucks and Montgomery County and beyond.

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You can find the Build Magazine issue featuring Harth Builders at build-review.com/q3-2021/.