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3 Great Benefits of Working With Design-Build Contractors

Remodeling your home can be quite daunting, but it can also have some financial advantages and vastly improve your property. Whole home remodeling is fairly common, making up about 35% of all remodeling jobs, but kitchen remodels have remained one of the most popular. Upgrading your kitchen can lead to plenty of aesthetic benefits but…
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We at Harth Builders Take Shutters Seriously

There is not a day that goes by that I do not witness another catastrophe in the world of shutters! I see shutters that if closed, would not even cover half of the window they are installed beside. There are countless louvered shutters installed on first floors of homes, and God help me if I…
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Why Remodel? 5 Benefits of Upgrading Your Home

Homeowners have so many options available to them when it comes to improving the look, feel, and value of their property. When considering household renovations, it's best to work with whole home remodeling contractors in order to ensure quality results. In addition to simply improve the look of your home, there are so many other…
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Insurance Work: A World of Unknowns

This past year has been littered with so much rain and so many storms that more of us are aware of what insurance restoration involves, and those who are aware, know how frustrating it can be. Insurance events not only take their toll on your home but they take their toll on your relationships at…
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Touch Points: How do we identify them and improve them?

Last week we welcomed the ProRemodeler Sales Conference to Philadelphia. There was a host of charismatic speakers focused on a range of topics, but the ones that most resonated with us were those related to the client experience. Many of us are in the service business and constantly strive to perform to the level of…
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