People change over time. It only stands to reason that homes change with the homeowners. It doesn’t matter whether your home is decades old or newer, you may feel that it is time to remodel. Changes in living circumstances encourage home remodeling to stay current with needs. Per a Houzz survey, nearly 60% of homeowners plan to remodel the master bathroom. However, is this the only part of your home you should remodel? Should you remodel just part of your home or the entire home at once?

Discuss Whole-Home Remodeling with a Whole Home Remodeling Contractor

Yes, remodeling your entire home tends to be a long process. It may seem arduous, but renovating the entire house gets it all done at the same time. It is an integrated process involving demo, design, framing, building, and installation. When accomplished all at once, you get the opportunity to plan more approximately. Furthermore, using the same designers and builders cuts down on time and promotes a more cohesive design and building process with outstanding results.

Signs That Home Remodeling Is Imminent

You will know that home remodeling is the right choice when you start looking for signs around your home that suggest remodeling is imminent. Speak with design-build remodelers who can assist you in deciding when it is time for home remodeling. They can point out common signs that your home requires attention.

1. You Do Not Have Enough Space

Do you have enough space for your family? Perhaps you’ve just had another child and you’re feeling cramped. It’s time for a home addition when you have outgrown the current space. A whole-home remodeling contractor can ensure you get the extra room whether you prefer an additional guest room over the garage, or you prefer to add another bedroom as well as more space to your current square footage.

2. You Have Too Much Space

Perhaps you have kids that have just left for college, or they recently married and have their own home now. A decreasing number of inhabitants means it is time to change the décor. Try rearranging the furniture and decluttering. You could also have your whole-home remodeling contractor redesign empty rooms to reflect your current tastes, hobbies, and desires.

3. The Edifice Is Outdated

Your home may be in wonderful condition, but it is absolutely outdated. It’s important not to confuse outdated with retro. A whole-home remodeling contractor can introduce remodeling ideas that modernize your home. Think of new bathroom fixtures, bathtubs, door handles, shower fixtures, knobs, lighting, and much more.

4. Kitchen Space Is No Longer Functional

Does your kitchen feel cramped? Can you not turn around in any part of the kitchen without bumping into anything? It could be that the space just is not functional. You need a kitchen remodel that could also extend into the dining room. If you do not have a dining room, then you should consider adding one so dining and connecting with your family becomes a shared experience.

5. Update Fixtures for a More Aesthetic Appeal

The state of fixtures reveals when your house was originally built and furnished. This is a weakness for older homes. It is time to modernize your home starting with bathroom fixtures. Your whole home remodeling contractor can completely update your bathrooms with a refreshing color palette, high-end materials, and amenities that are luxurious, as your bathroom should be.

What starts as updating fixtures in bathrooms can turn into bathroom renovations including installing new vanities, towel warmers, and a walk-in, spa-like shower. Install LED lights and finish the bathroom with chrome fixtures that complete the transformation.

A Whole Home Remodel Is the Right Choice

Renovating your home room by room may seem like the ideal choice. However, it is not always the most realistic choice. This is especially true when your entire home is showing signs that it needs remodeling. Contact a design-build firm to discuss home remodeling options that fit your schedule and needs.