Are you thinking about remodeling your home? Many people are making changes to their residences to make them more aesthetically pleasing. When you remodel your home to make it more comfortable and attractive, you could also focus on making it more energy-efficient.

While a simple kitchen remodel averages an ROI of 82.7%, you can improve your house and further increase the ROI by making energy-efficient renovations that reduce utility costs. There are many obvious methods to reduce energy costs including checking for leaks. However, there are many other methods that require a conscious effort when it comes to home remodeling. Those methods are competently completed by design build remodelers.

Venture into Energy Efficiency with Home Remodeling

Sure, you can have those outdated kitchen cabinets removed during the kitchen remodeling phase. There are also other home renovations that will save you money and eliminate cold or hot spots that otherwise cause allergens and mold to develop. Your design build remodeler will guide you through the process of making great energy efficiency choices.

The goal is to keep your home safe, durable, and comfortable starting with the planning process. Discuss the rewards of installing a renewable energy system with your home remodeling contractor. They will inform you of all of the benefits including being able to enjoy improved and more efficient water heating, electricity, as well as space heating and cooling.

These 4 Renovations Will Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

It is important that you consider all of the variables, interactions, and details that have an effect on the use of energy in your home. Home remodeling considerations should also take site conditions, occupant behavior, and the climate into consideration. Below are other home remodeling undertakings to keep in mind.

  • Air Sealing and Insulation
  • Home Electronics and Appliances
  • Daylighting and Lighting
  • Space Cooling and Heating
  • Skylights, Windows, and Doors
  • Water Heating

1. Have Additional HVAC Ducts Installed

Many homes have an HVAC duct system in an area that is unheated. Your home remodeling contractors will inspect your home and ductwork to see if it is possible to install new ducts in heated or cooled areas. This will enable your system to work less and still keep your home comfortable. If this is not possible because of your home’s design, current ducts can be insulated and analyzed for any potential weak points.

2. Control Humidity Better in the Bathroom

When a humidistat is installed in bathrooms, it reduces the chance of moisture building up that could cause mold growth. Humidistats detect a rise in moisture and signal fans to start well before wallboards and floorboards begin to sweat. This is perfect if you have guests or children that forget to turn fans on while taking long, hot showers.

3. Insulation Is Necessary Around Recessed Lights

Recessed lights create beautiful ambiance. However, they are not energy efficient and tend to leak air without insulation. The electrician that is part of your home remodeling team can properly insulate areas around recessed lighting so there are no air leaks.

4. Get Maximum Energy Efficiency with High-End Appliances

Energy efficiency does not mean you have to compromise quality. Use appliances such as dishwashers, washers, water heaters, freezers, refrigerators, and HVAC systems currently supported by the Department of Energy and Energy Star appliances. When you incorporate energy-efficient appliances in your whole home you will successfully lower utility costs while helping the environment by conserving natural resources and reducing air pollution.