What’s More Frustrating, Golf or Remodeling?

Those of us who have either attempted to learn golf, or have played golf for decades, certainly know how frustrating a day on the golf course can be. You can take thousands of dollars in lessons and still manage to take out a window on one of those fine homes on the fairway. Why is…
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Focus on the Negatives to Achieve Positive Outcomes

There are a lot of folks out there comfortable in their homes but blind to the desperate situation they are in. If you are in a 10-15 year old suburban subdivision, it is likely there are things that are in dire need of remodeling. It is not just a matter of styles and finishes, we…
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Harth Builders Completes Purple to Perfect Project On Time and On Schedule

We told you a few weeks back about National Gypsum's Purple to Perfect Contest. National Gypsum is a leading drywall and building materials manufacturer of whose products we use quite a bit. National Gypsum reached out to Harth Builders about creating an accessible bathroom for a 92 year old veteran in West Chester. The challenge…
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Remodeling and Marriage Counseling: A Perfect Pair

What could be more fun than spending a Saturday afternoon with your spouse at a tile showroom? I can think of a few things. It’s definitely more fun to walk the entire IKEA store only to find that they just don’t have what you need. It’s way more fun to sand and stain your deck…
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